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Animal Shelters- it boggles my mind

Today I saw an update on Instagram of a cute dog named Junior that had been put to sleep because he didn't get adopted at the shelter in Chicago. I started crying. How in this day and age is there still a pet overpopulation problem? Bob Barker told us for decades to spay and neuter our pets. And people started doing it. You can't take a pet home from the shelter that isn't fixed. Where are all these cats and dogs coming from and who are these irresponsible people who end up surrendering their pets or worse, abusing and neglecting them? It boggles my mind. I just don't get it.

I volunteered at the Sacramento SPCA well over 10 years ago. It was filled with pit bulls and older dogs and I knew in the back of my mind that many if not most were put down without some serious luck. Families didn't want to bring a dog into their home of unknown background that might be sick or aggressive or unfriendly after an unhappy life. But with all the education efforts and the increased willingness of loving individuals and families to adopt from shelters and the decreasing number of pet shops that sell dogs and cats, why do we still have overcrowded shelters? Why, why, why?

Through Facebook and Instagram I follow so many animal rescues and volunteers across the country and I know that I am not the only one that would love nothing more than to quit my job and start an animal sanctuary. There are so many animal lovers out there tirelessly finding homes for shelter pets and fundraising for the medical expenses of the abused.

So how are there still animals being euthanized in shelters? In my mind, shelters should be more like a lost and found at this point in time. There should be a waiting list to adopt a dog.

The only explanation I can think of is that there are still way too many greedy people in this country that think breeding dogs is means to make quick money. And it is those people that abuse, neglect and fill the shelter directly and indirectly with homeless dogs.

I get so angry. I don't even know what else to say.

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Lessons learned: 2014 Edition

Here are some things I learned in 2014:

1.Don't refer to anyone as your fiancé until they actually ask you to marry them. Even if you've talked about it as a sure thing, and even if it's only to boost your rental application to the top. Talk about jinxing yourself. Lesson learned. I will never refer to anyone as my fiance until the ring is on my finger again.

2.I can do 10% better. In just about everything. 10% is not that much. It's only an incremental improvement and only requires slightly more energy invested. I found this to be the case in listening to my co-workers, exercising, communicating with my friends, controlling my emotions and fears, and pretty much all my inter-personal interactions.

3. It's easy to get caught up in the emotional highs and lows of a relationship, but your significant other is not your possession. They are an independent person that requires compassion and support. I always assumed that if I treated others they way I wanted to be treated all would be equanimous. Not so I learned. Everyone has different needs in a relationship. And men's needs in a relationship are different than women's in many instances. Learning to really listen to your significant other while removing your own judgement is a skill I hope to acquire someday.

4. If you know someone loves you, give them the benefit of the doubt. Check the knee-jerk reaction to a perceived insult or injury and just ask what the deal is without allowing emotions to escalate. Give the benefit of the doubt knowing there is love there.

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