Thursday, October 30, 2008

PSA: How to Use a Rowing Machine

I am so tired of seeing this at the gym.

Yesterday I watched 5 people get on the ergometer (rowing machine) and do it completely ass backwards. I rowed in college. The "erg" is a torturous device if you do it correctly. I will never get one one again but for the love of God if you are, do it right! You will get a kick ass full body workout if you do it correctly.

It goes like this: legs, back, THEN arms. If you are lifting your arms up and over your knees. You are doing it WRONG. Most of your strength and power when rowing comes from the legs. So you push off with your legs, keep your upper half forward until you've extended your legs, then you throw your upper body back, keeping your arms straight. After your upper body is in a 45 degree, THEN bring pull your arms in to your body. Then the same sequence in reverse. arms, back, legs to the starting position. Your arms should move in a horizontal line throughout the exercise and never move up and down.

If you have your palms facing up on the bar, just stop, get off, and let someone else use the machine.

That is all.