Monday, June 16, 2008


I've been listening to Lupe Fiasco a lot lately. His song "superstar" made me think about being famous.
"If you are what you say you area superstar then have no fear the crowd is here and the lights are on and they want a show oh oh oh oh yeah "

I don't ever want to be famous. Being adored by people that don't know you seems shallow and dissatisfying. Unless of course the adoration is based on merit. But even then what does it matter if strangers worship you but you don't have loved ones. My main thing is that I want to be viewed as a shining bright star by those I love. I want those close to me to want to be near me. I want to have children that think the world of me. I know I have a long way to go before I ever reach "star" status and maybe I won't ever receive that recognition from the people I care about but it's something to work towards.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bone to Pick with the Term "Cancer Awareness"

Who in america is not aware of cancer?? I feel like I am reminded of the existence of cancer on a daily basis. Almost every day I know someone or know of someone going through cancer treatments or cancer scares. And as much I appreciate and value the various fundraising efforts to raise awareness and money for research, how effective are these efforts? Walks, runs, auctions, and charity events have been ongoing for many years. What has really been accomplished by these efforts? I feel as though I am surrounded more, not less by cancer. And I am so so over it.

Does anyone here have any groundbreaking ideas on effective cancer management? Not treatment, management. Because it's a widespread, pervasive, life altering, life interrupting, expensive problem of epidemic proportions.

My personal believe is that with the growing number of incidences of cancer that it should be treated in the same way as getting your blood pressure and cholesterol checked at the doctor's. Everyone should recieve routine cancer exams. Inside and out. Take those millions upon millions of dollars donated to cancer research and develop a cost-effective head-to-toe cancer scan.

Instead of waiting to reach a certain age for mammograms, colonoscopies, prostrate exams, pap smears, checking one body part at a time for cancer, do it all at once. Instead of having to rule out all other possibilities before being referred to a specialist, check for cancer first. Don't wait until the cancer has grown and spread. Start the exams young and continue them regularly.

I think early detection and management is the key. Because I don't wonder if I might have cancer someday, I wonder when I am going to have cancer and how bad it will be.

And awareness of cancer doesn't do a damn thing to change that.

That was my random thought of the day.