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Monday, June 17, 2013

Open Letter to Dog Owners at Kate Sessions Park

Dear Kate Sessions Park Goers,

I am aware that Kate Sessions park is regarded as an unofficial off leash dog park (despite the numerous signs stating dogs must be on leash at all times). However, if you are going flaunt the rules, don't be a jerk and ruin the park for everyone. I'm talking to you irresponsible dog owners.

One day I brought a blanket, a book, and my dog to the park and settled in far away from the off leash dogs. I was minding my own business when not one, not two, but three dogs came charging at my dog and I. I yelled No! No! No! at the oncoming dogs and tried to shoo them away while the dogs' owner just watched. The dogs' owner was a blond woman that looked like she came from the La Jolla side of Mt. Soledad.(Yes, what you are picturing in your head right now is what she looked like.)

After she failed to control her three small barking dogs, looked at me and accusingly said "What do you mean "no"? Is your dog not friendly?!?"

I responded “Not when 3 dogs come at her and she is on leash!”

Highlighting what an idiot dog owner she is, the blonde bitch had the nerve to say to me "Why would you bring an unfriendly dog to the park?"

At this time a woman walking by tells the blond bitch "You need to watch your dogs. Dogs are on leash for a reason."

Thank you, Ms. Dog Behavior Expert. She continued on loudly for all to hear that she's witnessed four dogs that were killed at a dog park. At which point the blond bitch looked directly at me with a horrified look as if my dog were a killer. As she walks away, she picks up her expensive purebred dogs and says loudly "I don't want you to get eaten" while throwing dirty looks at me.

As if I were the problem. As if I were not following the rules. As if my dog was the bad actor and as if I were intruding on her and not the other way around. Excuse me?? What the fuck??

Here's the thing, not everyone at the park loves your dog. Maybe they don't want your dogs around their babies. Maybe they are allergic to dogs. Maybe like myself, they are trying to read a book and don't appreciate being run over by your dog, or having their family picnic ruined. Maybe they are like the elderly couple I saw walking on the path that were almost taken out by a rambunctious pack of off leash dogs.

My point is this: Be respectful of the other people enjoying the public park. If you can't control your dog, don't let them off leash. It's as simple as that.


P.S. When the blond La Jolla bitch had to go running downhill into the bushes after her min-pin that was gleefully ignoring her, I was laughing my ass off.

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