Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bedroom Blues, Part II - Dreamy Bedroom Inspiration

Okay, I'm almost ready to get serious about doing something about the cardboard box night stand situation in my bedroom.  I've been collecting photos of bedrooms trying to get a few ideas for mine.

A chair in lieu of a bedside table seems to be popular


I know that this is a little girl's room (probably has a hipster mom) but I like it anyway. I kinda want a similar hutch or bookshelf in lieu of a nightstand.

Photo via Decorpad
Gahh! I love this bedroom. I want to live here. 

Photo via Design*Sponge, Ore Studio
I saved this photo because it gave me an idea. I want a shelf or cabinet to place my laundry hamper under so it's not such wasted space and to sort of hide it. I'll also use it as a nightstand.

Photo via Design*Sponge, Susan and William Brinson
Vintage suitcases at the foot of the bed also seems to be popular. Don't think it's my style though.

Photo via Domino
Like the mix and match of patterns. Don't care for the stack of books on the floor as the nightstand.

Photo via House of Turquoise
Loving this attic bedroom! Love the girly wall sconces and the fact that bedside tables do not match! Totally cool.

Again, bedside tables do not match, but it is still very very symmetrical which I like

Photo via La Maison Boheme
Ooooh how pretty.
I'm a little sad that I'm pretty sure that I will never own a chandelier like this one.

Photo via House of Turquoise, Mabley Handler Interior Design
Not really my style but I love the symmetry and patterns.

Photo Mansucco Warner Miller
Hmm, wallpaper? It's pretty

Photo via House of Turquoise
Oooooooh, what I've always wanted. A nook for just my bed. You can shut everything else out and hide =)

So fresh and so clean! Me likey.

Stella Tennant, photo by Francois Halard
Love the silkscreen behind the bed. Hate the bedspread.
Also, notice the bedside tables do not match.

Hmm, pretty cool. N'est pas?

Photo via Martha Stewart
What a cool idea for a nightstand!

Photo via House of Turquoise
I like everything about this except the hanging globe chair.

Photo by Ditte Isager, Bloomingdales catalog
Oooooh dreamy! A hanging bedroom.
It reminds me of the Ewok village or Avatar

Photo via La Maison Boheme
This is sort of what my bed looks like now with the mosquito netting but without the cool exposed wooden beams.

Should I try to make a headboard like this one??

Photo-The Cross Design and Decor
Damn I want this bed! It's only $3,495 CANADIAN dollars. FML.

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