Friday, April 8, 2011

Medium Long Rant on Wind Chimes

Background: My next door neighbor decided to put up pretty wind chimes yesterday. It looks something like this:

It sounds like broken glass jangling together. Not soothing. Not pleasant. Really unpleasant actually. Especially when it's rainy and windy. What the hell?? It kept me awake last night through my double paned windows. Every time I was about to drift to sleep a gust of wind would jar me awake. It sounded like someone was rummaging through the recycling bins in the alley and throwing around glass bottles.

At 2am I went outside and took them down. My neighbor is a emergency room nurse that works nights so she wasn't home to "enjoy" her chimes during the storm. I still slept like shit the rest of the night. I'm so tired. And I'm so tired of being tired. I actually got all the way to work today before realizing I had left my purse at home.

I returned the wind chimes to their nail this morning (which required a step stool) with a note letting her know what I had done. I wouldn't want someone touching my things without telling me so I hope that was okay and the right thing to do. Hopefully she doesn't think I'm the crazy noise nazi like my other neighbors. And I hope when she tries to sleep today the chimes keep her company.

But really...wind chimes?? Who wants a chime to let you know when the wind is blowing?? Every single time a gust of wind comes by does not require a noise alert. I'm sure there are probably some soothing zen like wind chimes and I'm sure they are great for people who have a yard and do not live in an apartment where my bedroom is next to your kitchen chimes, but I am not a fan.

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