Monday, June 11, 2007

Hula at the Del Mar Fair

So at nearly 30 years old I am still doing dance recitals... and it makes me laugh. The last time I danced at the Del Mar Fair I was in high school. I love my hula class. I walk out of there Wednesday nights with an extra spring in my step so I decided I should give back a little and perform this one time.

Man, it was stressful getting ready for it though. I literally didn't know the dances until the night before and I had to borrow some of the costume. The fact that you have to MAKE all of your own costumes is probably the biggest turn off for me performing. Like my friend Lisa said "It's 2007, who sews anymore??" I don't know what to do with a dress pattern! I might as well be trying to read Japanese....

But I have to say I had fun doing the dances in front of an audience. I love dancing when I know the choreography and it meant a lot that my two friends Nam and Jamila there to support me. My mom didn't even show up?!? Of course she's been watching my dance recitals since I was 5 years old so she's paid her dues.

Overall I didn't embarrass myself too badly and I'm glad I did it! Next time maybe I'll do the Tahitian dances.... Yowza...that takes guts or at least the ability to suck them in..... I love hula.

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