Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My three moms

My mom is a widow but, luckily, she has two fabulous friends and neighbors. They watch their shows together while drinking bottles (plural) of wine, catch up on the church gossip, walk the golf course, taking weekend trips together and generally cracking each other up. They even text each other in the morning to make sure they woke up alive =)

I'm really glad my mom has that support system.

But as we were having dinner last week with two french guests and my brother's new girlfriend from Mexico City, it struck me how much time my mom and her BFF, MaryAnne, spend together. Maybe it was the wine (probably it was the wine) but it suddenly struck me so funny that I announced, at the dinner table, that people were probably thinking they were a lesbian couple. My mom immediately blurts out "Oh No! I'm getting a boyfriend!!." Then with a little more wine, it morphed into them being my two moms. Then it turned into my three moms whenever BFF numero tres, Maggie, is over as well.

Let's review the evidence: I'm using my two moms timeshare to go to a wedding next weekend. Last night I went to aqua-aerobics with my two moms. They go at least three times a week. They even have special water shoes for it. I made sure to say out loud "Hey moms, look what I can do!" at least three times during the aqua aerobics class.

I have moms, plural! Awesome. I'm just not sure how they feel about me being their new 32 year old daughter...

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