Monday, October 18, 2010

First Date Two Drink Maximum Rule

When I write my book, "The Idiots Guide To What Not To Do While Dating," I'm going to emphasize the first date Two Drink Maximum Rule (TDMR).  Never, ever have more than two drinks on a first date. Especially blind dates.

What happens when you exceed the TDMR?? 99 times out of 100 REGRET. That's what.

How do I know this?? Experience, duh. Two drinks will loosen you up plenty, but you gotta be careful not to go over the precipice. Violating the TDMR leads you to making out on his couch in front of his creepy roommate. It leads to remembering he was cute. Exceeding the TDMR makes you forget how he commented on the waitress' ass and that he swears like a sailor- an un-imaginative sailor with a limited vocabulary.

Worst of all, it leads to wasting your time on a second date with a dude you don't like. at. all.

Second date? Why Not? I had such a great time on our first date

Heed my advice ladies: you want to stay sober on the first date. I know... it's not intuitive. In the moment, of course you wanted to get tipsy to make it fun, or at least, bearable.

Just remember that in order to avoid REGRET (capitol letters), the TDMR is not just a guideline but the law.


pam@ iLoveShelling said...

haha! you are cracking me up! When I was single... (a million years ago) I would love to do a first date for LUNCH. You only have one hour to see if you want to waste...ahem.. I mean spend a whole evening with him. You NEVER feel like you owe them a kiss at the end of lunch. And you dont feel guilty when they only spend lunch money on you if you dont like them. Good luck on your TDMR

Ubu! said...

Thanks Pam! Yes, lunch dates ARE preferred.