Monday, December 13, 2010

Quick Rant- Long blind dates

How is it that I'm always getting roped into long first dates? Why is it that no one believes me when I say "let's meet for a quick cup of coffee"? Do they not believe me? Do they think perhaps I will be overwhelmed by their charm and wit and want to spend hours upon hours with them?

No. I said let's meet for A beverage. Singular. Not dinner. Not drinks. Not a long drawn out walk where I get progressively more annoyed at my time being stolen. A blind date should be short, in case one person finds the other unattractive, obnoxious or annoying in person.

After the initial meeting, if both parties want to see each other again, a proper dinner date should be planned. I'm not Ms. Manners but I'm pretty sure that's the proper protocol.

FYI-I hate getting roped into dinner, long walks and hanging out at your place on a blind date. I hate it!

Why do I even bother??

-end rant-

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