Thursday, June 9, 2011

Updated bucket list

Updated bucket list:
Run a half marathon
Visit Ireland
Raise a child
Dance a solo on stage
Teach seniors hula
Swim with manta rays
Do something truly selfless
Volunteer with elephants
Attend Merrie Monarch in Hawaii
Go to Bonaroo
Visit Tahiti
Visit Hearst Castle
Go BIG at Oktoberfest in Germany
Visit the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica So I completed the Rock n Roll Half marathon this weekend. It went well! The run went by relatively quickly for me. I think I was pretty well prepared and there was plenty to look at while I was running. I have to say that the bands on the Rock n Roll course were disappointing!! I thought I would have them for entertainment and distraction and the bands were the reason I chose to sign up for this particular half marathon. But I honestly was not impressed.
 My mom met me at mile marker 9 which was super sweet and nice of her seeing that she had to take the trolley to get there. It really perked me up seeing her. Then she got back on the trolley and then drove to my place to walk Molly for me.
 Taiko drummers- My favorite "band" on the race course.

Interesting how wonky the photos I took on my phone while running came out.

 Somewhere along Friars Rd

I left my house at 4:30am. I started my run at 7am. I finished my run at 9:06am and I got home at 11.
Then my mom and I went for a bomb celebratory champagne brunch at the Catamaran. I loved every morsel and mimosa! Then I took a long nap.

I think I will work on visiting Hearst castle next.

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