Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Hood

Thought I would throw up the photos I took on my iphone from Molly and I's walks around Sail Bay.

This is why I moved to Pacific Beach (in case you were wondering):

Some of the newness has worn off. The walls are so thin in my apartment that I can hear EVERYTHING my neighbors above me and next door are doing including conversations, making coffee, getting dressed, ect. It's not too bad now because it's the winter and I keep my windows mostly closed but in the summer - with no a/c...well I just don't know how bad it will be.

Found the library which I can walk to and love it! My one complaint with the PB library is the movie section. They have VHS tapes mixed in with the dvd's. I'll get excited when I see a title of a movie I want to watch, then it'll be like "Psych!! VHS only!" I think it's time to retire the VHS tapes from even the free public library.

I like my new hood. I'll like my new apartment too once I get unpacked and settled. I'm just still feeling it out.

Molly on the Bay at Sunset

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