Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Earthquake

So, Easter was cool. I brought the leftovers from my brunch on Saturday. Still couldn't get a read on what my mom thought of the egg and sausage casserole. I dreamt Martha Stewart told me it didn't taste right (there was actually a funnier word she used in my dream but now I cannot remember what it was). I had a lot of anxiety over this casserole, I've never made one before and still wasn't sure if anyone liked it.

I think the general consensus was that it was edible but also on the wet side. (And I kinda burned the sausage. Not once. But twice. (I've never cooked a wad of meat like that before. How do you get it to not burn on the pan, I followed the instructions exactly, I swear!)). Whatever. I ate it. I couldn't let the $70 I spent on the brunch go to waste and my mom and bro helped me eat the leftover casserole, fruit salad and marshmallow pops. My mom and I made sure the mimosa's definitely did not go to waste. I had 3+ normal sized mimosas with no ill after effects. Hallelujah!!

I did a doggie Easter egg hunt for Molly and Lucy with dog treats hidden inside plastic eggs. Molly was pretty quick at popping them open and getting the treats. Lucy just wanted to eat the plastic eggs (golden retrievers are not too bright).

Then the earthquake hit. It lasted forever. I was sitting outside with the dogs reading a magazine (with a mimosa), the sun was out. I thought molly was leaning against the chair scratching. Then my champagne glass really started jittering on the table. I've never experienced a quake that long. Usually they are over by the time you get up to move to the doorway. I got inside (yard not big enough to get away from everything that could fall on you) into a door jam while the rocking was still going on. The chandelier was swinging for a while. One of my mom's figurines fell over and broke and some of the paintings on the walls were cockeyed afterwards.

I'm really over all the aftershocks. They give me the heebie jeebies.

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