Friday, April 16, 2010

Urban Truck Girl

There was a time when I would throw snowboards or bikes in the back of my truck and drive up a mountain. I've hauled an assortment of large items in my beloved truck including couches, mattresses, a margarita machine! I've loaded it up with junk (in my trunk) and taken it to the county dump. My truck has taken me camping in the redwoods!

How do I utilize my truck in today's urban environment, you ask?? Well, you see what happenned was, I was trapped in the parking lot at Starbucks (I know, not remotely cool or rugged). I had parked in the ridiculous micro-lot which also happens to have the most retarded drive thru set up. Cars trying to get into the drive thru from two directions (I said it was brilliant set up) had blocked me from reversing out of my parking spot.

So I simply drove forward up and over the median (without damaging anything).
Try doing that in your Prius.

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