Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hawaii Calls

I am wishing I was in Hawaii right now. I miss it. The smell of the flowers and the ocean, the colors, the music, the food, the pace...
I really think I was meant to be an island girl. I don't think I'd get island fever.

I want to live there so bad. Not that I don't already live in a fantastic city on the water but there's just something about Hawaii that holds a special place in my heart.

Wearing a bathing suit under your clothes everywhere. Muumuu's...I can't wait to be old enough to wear mu'u mu'u's everyday. Honestly, even though it's ugly, a mu'u mu'u over jeans is sooo comfortable.

 Moon over Ala Wai Canal

I could live here. Really I could!

Is it weird that I have the hots for this guy???
Leland, from Dog the Bounty Hunter.
[Photo borrowed from]

I think it's because he's Hawaiian.
It's definitely not the hair or tattoos.

**Photos of Hawaii are my personal vacation photos. Please do not use without my express written consent

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